An overview of the first NFT group show in Romania

An overview of "This will age really well", the first Romanian NFT group exhibition, imagined into 4 chapters, at Leilei Gallery.

Leilei Gallery recently concluded the first NFT group exhibition ever organized in Romania, despite some previous isolated efforts late at night or some peculiar auction house orthodox-NFTisation.

The gallery & project team were thrilled to notice that “This will age really well” ignited sparks in the contemporary art community & inspired other independent Bucharest-based galleries to curate NFT works. Eyes on!

Just for now, our NFT story ends here… but it definitely lives on!


It definitely will survive, but let’s notice, after sometime, how well it will actually age. Keep those NFTs in your wallets and keep youreyes peeled on Hic & Nunc, Foundation or Rarity.

We do hope you enjoyed our ride through & amidst material art works & ethereal digital ones, gazing at our walls andscanning with your phones to see more than hangs.

Let’s have a brief retrospect of all 4 chapters and how the artists intervenedupon their works:


Laurian Bardoș – Neutru 7 – Transcod

George Crîngașu – Decay Sequence 4

Lucian Hrisav – 6697 - 4423 - 9371
IIOANA – Instructions Unclear & Exit Wound & Batman

Bernard Joisten – Final Approach

Albert Kaan – Looking back to look Forward

Nicoleta Mureș – Stay Fit & Work Landscape

Marina Oprea – Self Archeology

Lost.Optics – Shifting eMotion

Dan Perjovschi - Untitled
ZafGod – Dream states of a mortal mind



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