First nft group exhibition in romania

Is it wine? A body? Is it a meme? A song or a tweet? A painting? Or a crypto coin?

The current exhibition sets out to explore the different performative becomings of materials and embodied practices by mirroring them in the digital ecosystem, where their ethereal bodies remain fixed while they go through other sorts of convergences.


This dualist approach between an ever-degrading materiality and an immutable digital counterpart will be examined through physical works within the exhibition space and NFT works. The later will be both offered as giveaways on-site (limited pieces) and available for purchase (through various e-wallet solutions. Instructions will be available on site).

What triggers the possibilities of degradability & endurance?

Time, of course.

That same flow of time that degrades a material work (or a face) beyond recognition will enrich a digital work (or a wine). The same time will carry bodily matter through successive transformations to eventual extinction while strengthening disembodied materialities (like a tweet that aged well) or simply allowing them to remain unaltered in some forsaken corner of the Internet.


The works will question these cascading dualities (in cascading rollbacks and cascading style sheets): time as a fragilizing and strengthening force, performative becomings (of a static work, like a canvas) and cemented existences (of a dynamic multimedia work such as a video) in the context of the constant ebb & flow  e-capital art markets.



„like a sword that cuts, but cannot cut itself, like an eye that seesbut cannot see itself”.

Time will tell the value of what you hold, in & out of yourself, in your crypto wallet or under your bed.

Time will cut through totalities and unify dualities.

While you rest quietly, not doing anything and especially not giving into FOMO.


The concept will be developed over a period of two months, following the performative becomings of both physical works and NFTs.


Chapter 1: Mint me up (8th July)




Guests will be welcomed inside the gallery and a well adjusted team of crypto jockeys will accommodate everyone.


The performativity will be embodied directly: instead of a regular opening in a brick & mortar space they will learn that we’re also welcoming them in a digital environment. Doubling of the selves.


▶️ Guests will be invited to explore the works exhibited in the gallery and to scan their QR codes to be able to see the NFT. Our crypto jockeys will help you with the NFT transaction so check the instructions below. (Limited numbers, depending on the availability of each artist).



Chapter 2: The stakes are high with this one (22nd July)


The becoming

Any hero goes through a coming of age. This will be the beginning of this process: the coming of age of the works but also of the NFT adopters (buyers& artists alike). As artworks are often works of time (either as outcomes of the longue durée or affected by the passing of time) so are NFTs, with their potentially ever-changing value.


▶️ Guests will be welcomed to observe the ways in which artists have intervened on their (physical) works, in the gallery, and additional NFTs will be available by scanning the QR codes.


Don’t miss out on the 2nd chapter to add another collectible item in your fresh NFT collection!



Chapter 3: Forge those sidechains (5th August)


The dissolution

Solid works will unravel, dissolve, flow up & down as the coming-of-age process reaches its maturity. Here, we will play with remediality to pursue exactly this interconnectedness of medium that can enhance, challenge, improve or impoverish a work of art.


▶️ Physically challenged in chapter 2, the works will pass now to a different state, as an interplay between digitality and materiality. The display will feature overlaps of different stages of the art objects. Flashy, intricate, opaque or transparent, these composite works will function as palimpsests of their own becomings through time.


🆕 additional free NFT releases will be available only on site, so better be thereto grow your collection.


Chapter 4: Final proof (19th August)


Closing the loop


Closing the conceptual circle, final works will come back to print, hence encapsulating them in the material time in a different sort than the internet time.


Other embodied and material outgrowings may surprise you as well as the surprise/ offered by Leilei Gallery on the principle of first come, first serve.  



Important tiny technical details


NFT works will be uploaded on Hic et Nunc platform, which is based on Tezos (XTZ).


To be able to collect free NFTs offered by the artists, you will need a crypto wallet (perhaps you’ll want to exchange or buy NFTs later on, too).


In case you don’t yet have one already, we recommend Kukai, a browser based solution with Google & Twitter sign up option. Please make sure you sign up before joining the event.


Other options: Temple Wallet, Spire, Galleon.





Raluca Țurcanașu­­