This will age really well | Mint me up - Chapter 1 in a nutshell

Let's take a brief look on how the first chapter of the first Romanian NFT group exhibition unfolded. Come join us for the 2nd Chapter, the 22nd of July!

(Almost) one week ago we kicked off the first NFT group exhibition in Romania 💥 In a global context in which NFTs are both acclaimed and frowned upon, and a local scenery of orthodox paintings NFT auction ⁉️ or one-time evening events, we decided on a more scalable, open-for-anyone solution.

Behind the scenes. Installing the first chapter.

We wanted to bring the whole NFT concept& framework closer to the artistic community and its publics so we invited artists to release 10 free NFTs each and to gift them at the opening on a first-come-first-served basis. Daria & Raluca helped our guests with the transfers and explanations and we kindly thank them for their efforts &good vibes 🙌 The point is to explore & think together how useful and sustainable this non-fungible-token ecosystem is for artists – in a precarious world in which more often than not art is regarded as serious work –and to ease the transition to that by helping some of the artists get their Tezos-based wallets and mint their first NFT. We advised both the artists and the public to choose Kukai Wallet, as it is the only browser-based Google/Twitter solution – so the easiest user experience.

We were thrilled to see and chat to visitors of all ages and to observe them enthusiastically scanning the QR codes and discovering invisible works, pieces that were there, but not really, not in their physicality, but rather in their digital omnipresence. Linking materiality to a parallel reality intrigued the guests and softly put them in the collector’s mindset of comparing what they had gathered in their Kukai wallets. Quite expectedly, animated NFTs were the hits.

But let’s put all that in images:

Lucian Hrisav, part of the curating collective and one of the exhibited artists, welcoming some of the guests
Dan Perjovschi's work in the background, guests looking at Laurian Bardoș's work "Neutru 7 - Transcode"

Alexandru Zaharia / ZafGod, part of the curating collective & exhibited artist, being thrilled of the opening of the 1st Chapter at Leilei
Gazing at Albert Kaan's work, "A Hooligan or a Believer"
Visitor observing George Cringașu's "Decay Sequence 1"
Daria Nedelcu, who's helped us accomodate our guests and transfer the free NFTs to them, thank you dear!
Guests posing with ZafGod's works, exhibited at Leilei first chapter of the "This will age really well" NFT exhibition
IIOANA and part of her follow posing with her work "Exit Wound"
Raluca Milescu / ccrocodile tearss talking to one of the visitors; on the right part of Lost.Optics' piece,"Shifting eMotion"
Ioana Marșic, part of the curating collective, together with Bernard Joisten, invited artist
Visitor next to Laurian Bardoș's "Neutru 7 - Transcod"
Raluca Țurcanașu, part of the curating collective, gazing at Marina Oprea's intricate piece, "Self-Archeology", developed for Leilei's first NFT group show
Diana Miron talking to Beniamin Popescu and Gabriela Mateescu at the opening of "This will age really well | Mint me up | Chapter 1"
Visitor attentively looking at Lucian Hrisav's impressive iron piece, "6697-4423-9371"

More images and visual pieces on our Facebook page.

📷 Andrei Mateescu.

There are 3 more chapters of our story…at least for now. New NFT releases will be available at each of those chapters – and only then – so make sure not to miss the 2nd one: This is aging really well | The stakes are high with this one! – 22nd July.