Leilei Gallery @RAD Art Fair

RAD Art Fair in retrospect!

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Leilei Gallery had the chance to participate in one of the most expected events of the romanian contemporary art scene: RAD art fair.

Our gallery was truly thrilled to have partaken in the RAD Art Fair, eagerly embracing the collaborative spirit of the initiative and relishing the chance to contribute to the flourishing Romanian art scene. This extraordinary platform not only amplified our artists' voices but also propelled our gallery's reputation within the art community. By immersing ourselves in this influential event, we forged meaningful connections with esteemed gallerists, collectors,and curators, fostering invaluable relationships that will continue to shape the future trajectory of our gallery. Participating in the RAD Art Fair was an unparalleled opportunity that allowed us to showcase our commitment to artistic excellence, ignite dialogues, and embrace the artistic advancements unfolding within the dynamic art world.

As always, our main goal is to promote transgenerational and transmedial contemporary art creation. For this reason, we assembled a team that we think best encompasses our vision.

Meet the artists:

  • Andreea Albani
  • Beniamin Popescu
  • Traian Cherecheș
  • Petru Lucaci

Let's rewind and look back at the works of our exhibitors:

Booth photo @ RAD Art Fair
Booth photo @ RAD Art Fair

Andreea Albani - "Cut the line (Time #0.6) “061220141454”—part 3 of 5, Page 151 “Writing at the speed of thought”.

Beniamin Popescu - left to right: The Fallen City, Standing Stone, Western Wall

Traian Cherecheș - CORPUS 2

Petru Lucaci - Black Cocktail