Leilei Gallery, which assumes the role of a catalyst in the process of creating connections between the national and international scene of contemporary art, presents a new exhibition, CONNECTIONS 2.

CONNECTIONS 2, the second part of the gallery's (re)launch project, continues its mission of promoting Romanian contemporary art in all its forms and fostering dialogues between different generations of artists, with the aim of bridging tradition and innovation, the real and the imaginary.

The exhibition, carefully curated to blend various artistic languages in its characteristic style, strives to surprise and captivate even the most discerning viewers, offering them a multisensory experience that challenges them to create new meanings.

With each brushstroke, sculpture, and installation, the gallery aims to unveil a captivating story that transcends boundaries and resonates with both the Romanian and international audience.

Alexandru Antik
Cătălin Bădărău
Răzvan Boar
Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu
Radu Igazsag
Bianca Mann
Răzvan Năstase

Alexandru Rădvan

Photo credits: Andrei Mateescu
Photo credits: Andrei Mateescu
Photo credits: Andrei Mateescu