Chapter 2 of the first NFT group exhibition in Romania

Join us for the 2nd chapter of the first NFTgroup exhibition in Romania 

- discover the performative becomings ofthe works displayed
- scan the QR codes and gaze at the new digital works
- have your Tezos-based wallets ready to collect new NFT releases (availableonly at the opening)

As any hero goes through a coming of age, aconstant evolution, so do works of art. At least sometimes. For the secondchapter, artists intervene on their initial works, taking them to a different –but neither better nor worse – state.
The process is reflective of the evolution of the NFTs ecosystem: as bothartists and buyers engage on the platform, minting and buying, the value of theNFT becomes more prone to change. In other words, artworks are also works oftime (either as outcomes of the longue durée or affected by the passing oftime) and so are NFTs, with their potentially ever-changing value.

Don’t miss out on the 2nd chapter – 22nd ofJuly - to add another item in your fresh NFT collection!


● Laurian Bardoș
● George Crângașu
● Lucian Hrisav
● Bernard Joisten
● Albert Kaan
● Nicoleta Mureș
● Marina Oprea
● Dan Perjovschi
● ZafGod

Important tiny technical details

NFT works are uploaded on Hic et Nuncplatform, which is based on Tezos (XTZ).

 Tobe able to collect free NFTs offered by the artists, you will need a cryptowallet compatible with Hic et Nunc (perhaps you’ll want to exchange or buy NFTslater on, too).
We recommend Kukai, a browser based solution with Google & Twitter sign upoption. Please make sure you sign up before joining the event.
Other options: Temple Wallet, Spire, Galleon.